The world of designer handbags - really, the world of high-price, high-style fashion at large - is fraught with fakes, phonies, and counterfeits. 

Raks Thrift Avenue utilizes the cutting-edge Entrupy software to verify the authenticity of its handbags.

Entrupy started in 2012 as a way to authenticate art, but has now progressed into the only technology-based, powered by AI, authentication solution on the market to provide trust to buyers and sellers of luxury handbags. Entrupy has collected thousands of images of physical goods fromaround the world, creating a rich and diverse unmatched data-set.

Entrupy's high-quality data is collected to teach it algorithms to differentiate between fake and authentic items, which in turn, gives it the ability to produce accurate results.

At Raks Thrift Avenue, we utilize this groundbreaking software to verify the authenticity of our luxury consignment & resale bags, that way both we as the merchant and you as the purchaser have peace-of-mind and can be assured that the handbag you've purchased is genuine. 

After authenticating a bag, Entrupy produces a Certificate of Authenticity (such as the one pictured below), to let you know, that at Raks Thrift Avenue, we only offer the real deal.

**Please note, all handbags over $300 that are applicable for Entrupy certification are automatically included. For handbags under $300, this service is available for a $25 fee. Please call the store if you wish to add on a certificate.